The Journey Continues


Taken September 2016 – bodyweight 182lbs.

Today is November 5th, 2016 and I wanted to give an update on the Journey. It has been over a year and 8 months since the last post and a lot of changes in my life have occurred. The Fitness Center that I had been working had went out of business  in March of 2016 and I had to relocate to another facility. This turned out to be beneficial to my fitness training in the long run and has produced good gains in muscle mass and muscle endurance.

One of the things that change will do is push the body into greater adaptation because the atmosphere and equipment are different than what I was used to and therefore the body had to respond and adapt as well. My body weight is now up to 182 lbs while maintaining the same or less body fat, which is quite a jump considering I was down to 161 lbs when I returned to Nevada County in January of 2015.

I have stayed the course on my diet and water regimen and it is now 1,390 days since I started the Journey. I am now 57 years old and feel fantastic in spite of injuries here and there that have happened in Kung Fu class. The great thing about having this lifestyle is how fast I now heal from injuries where before, the injuries would linger on and on.

I am still doing the same diet which consists of an all raw organic juice smoothy combination in the morning, a banana at noon, 3 apples at 1pm,  a cup (total) of raw nuts, seeds, dried fruit, raw oats and raw organic trail mix at 3pm and then another all raw organic juice smoothy combination at 6pm. Also, in between the meals I consume distilled water for a total of a gallon or more per day. This I do on my heavy training days.

On the 2 rest days I have per week, I juice fast,  doing the 2 all raw organic juice smoothy combination meals along with the water. This has worked perfect for me to keep my body weight and muscle gains slowly increasing while keeping my body fat levels low. My goal is to continue to increase my body weight to around 185lbs and then maintain and refine my body from there.

This is it folks! I have figured it out and continue to make little refinements here and there and the Journey has become easier and easier to walk. Imagine having no more food addictions or habits that destroy the body and create dis-ease …… life is good!

Next ….. my 4 year anniversary