How I Became Fit Again


This blog tells the story of my journey with an all organic uncooked raw diet. It started on January 1st 2013, when I first heard about the benefits of drinking a gallon or more of distilled water per day and have not missed a day of drinking it since then (570 days as of July 21st 2014). I switched completely to an uncooked raw organic diet 20 days later (January 21st 2013) and the journey truly began.

I created this blog after the fact because of the overwhelming response I got to a picture I posted to Facebook a few days ago that represented some of the results in a one year comparison.


These photos are one year apart with photo on the right taken a few days ago as part a “before and after” showing of my Raw Food Journey. The photo on the left was taken when I was about 6 months into the journey (June 26th, 2012) and I had already made some pretty impressive progress.

Well, a lot of people wanted to know exactly how i did this so I will be laying it all out for you here with examples of my diet changes and the challenges I overcame during the journey. I will also show you how I set up the meals and the timing of using the distilled water IN BETWEEN meals and never with them.

There was a lot to learn and I am still learning more everyday, not only about eating this way but how my body uniquely responds to it. Please keep in mine that I am not a Doctor or an expert on this subject. What I am is a person that chose to make these changes and I am chronicling it for you as I go along.

I will introduce you to some of the people that got me started on this journey and where to find the same information I did on the Web as well as some of the inspiring things I found along the way that may help keep you going when your old programs wants to pull you back into the unhealthy food addictions.

Follow along with me now ….. and let your journey begin …. click here for next post ….. in the beginning …