Four Year Anniversary


Today is the 4 year anniversary of my decision to eat only raw organic uncooked food, In other words, I eat only what comes from nature in it’s natural state.

It was very rough going for the first 6 months as my body adjusted but it became easier as the days went by. At this point, it has become second nature (pun intended) to have this lifestyle.

To say the changes have been profound is an understatement. I can show you the physical changes in the picture above but most of the changes I cannot put into words because they were related to changes in awareness as my body became cleaner internally and can only be experienced as part of the journey.

At 4 years, I am still an infant in beginning this walk. The next goal is 5 years. In the picture above I was 221lbs. in 2011 (slide1), 161lbs in 2015 (slide 2) and 180lbs in 2017 (slide3)

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