The Most Important Factor To Reaching Your Fitness Goals Is Not Your Workout Regime.
~written by Tony Mendoza CFT

tony6-10-15cropHello again! Today I want to talk about one of the biggest misconceptions in Fitness and that is that if you workout you will reach your fitness goals. I am talking about the typical goals I have heard of in my 30 plus years of being a Fitness Trainer.

For the sake of the article I define these goals as visual gains such as losing body fat or increasing muscle mass and/or strength and conditioning to the desired levels of the individual/original goal.

How many times have I heard a Trainer tell their client that “this or that training program will get you the (visual) goal of _________ that you wanted”. Heck, as a Trainer I was even guilty of unknowingly believing this!

Over the years, I have seen thousands of people in Fitness Clubs and Gyms throughout my life diligently working through gut busting training programs day in and day out that never reach their goals. They may or may not have continued to train but eventually they give up on the original goal with excuses that they are a hard gainer or their genetics do not allow them to get the results they had expected.

If the goal is to reduce body fat or to increase muscle mass, gain strength and endurance or just tone up then exercise will get you to a certain level. Exercise will give you gains for all of the above goals but your workouts are NOT the deciding factor to ultimately achieving the results you expected rather then the results you ended up with and eventually settled for.

The next time you go into your Fitness Club or Gym that you have been going to for years, look around. You will see people that you know that have been there training for years as well. Take a good look and ask yourself how many of these people have changed over the years? Why have all these people who dedicatedly trained their bodies all these years still pretty much look the same as when they started? Look in the mirror and ask yourself the same question. Have you reached the goals you originally wanted through exercise?

If not, at what point did you give up the goal and train for the good feeling it gives you rather the the visual expectations you were after?

I trained for over 30 years and even though I made great progress in gaining muscle size and strength, going from a starting body weight of 135 lbs to over 220 lbs., I was never satisfied with my visual appearance. I always had that visually bloated look and body fat that never really went way.

I thought I was doing everything right by hard training, eating the high protein diet that was recommended by “experts” and getting enough rest but something was off, something that kept me just short of my visual goals.

Well, over the last three and a half years I discovered the missing piece of the equation! The training regime was right …. getting enough rest was fine, and I thought my diet and eating habits were good based on what I had learned throughout the years. I even tried every form of supplementation that was guaranteed to give me the results I was after and nothing worked. I finally discovered that the deciding factor that transformed everything for me was DIET EDUCATION!

Now here is the part where I would like you to put everything you think you know about healthy eating and nutrition in the closet for now because if you don’t, you will never allow yourself the opportunity to finally (after all these years) reach that desired (visual) goal you always wanted.

Click Image To See My Raw Food & Distilled Water Journey on Facebook

Click Image To See My Raw Food & Distilled Water Journey on Facebook

The answer to getting the results you want starts with what I call The Fit Again Lifestyle. It is the concept of eating Raw super nutrition in order to get maximum gains in muscle while eliminating unnecessary body fat from the body. This process is effective because it eliminates the toxins stored in the body that slow down your ability to recover from training by concentrating your nutrition and aiding your bodies digestive and elimination systems. This means that your body will run more efficiently, recover faster and eventually be free of the toxins that cause accelerated aging.

It is these toxins that give your body that bloated look, cause joint aches and pains and are really the cause of all disease in the body. I have been on a personal journey over the past few years that led me to discover this for myself and would like to share it with you.

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