Below are testimonials (starting with my own) from people that have successfully achieved the Fit Again Lifestyle!

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“I have found the secret to healing!”

Take some time to read about My Journey – How I Became Fit Again and realize how easy it can be for you to do it too! Enjoy better health, faster healing, reduced stress and even reverse your aging process.

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Tony Mendoza
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“How I Improved My Health”
Hi , my name is Tommi, am 75 yrs. young.  All my life I have battled with weight and health problems. I have tried every diet on the planet, I have lost some weight, kept it off for a few months and then gained it back again plus more than when I started.
I had been playing with the idea of trying juicing and in January of 2015 , my son moved back home to N.C. He juices and eats a raw diet and drinks tons of distilled water. I saw how great he looked and what a great improvement he had made to his health.
So here I go. I started with a 7 day fast using juice and distilled water. I just continued juicing everyday and eating mostly vegetables and fruits. To my surprise 32 pounds came off!
My health took a turn for the good.  My blood pressure and cholesterol are back to normal so no more cholesterol medications.  The fibromyalgia pain has lessened some what and my doctors are amazed at the difference juicing has made in my health. My energy has come back  and the pain in my body is easing everyday.
I think I have found the answer to better health. It isn’t easy, you have to make a life change, but it is all worth it.
Tommi M.