The Fit Again Lifestyle

Tony Mendoza Jr. - CPTFitness isn’t just about outward appearance and being slim and toned. In fact, that is literally only the “Tip Of The Iceberg” as it is only what we can see. It is really about creating the most beneficial internally healthy body you can have and that starts from the inside out. Without fueling your body with the most nutrient rich foods and using a means to detoxify your system you have very little chance of truly becoming fit (again).

If you build a house with materials that do not adequately support the structure then the house will be weak and susceptible to constant repair work. That is what most of us have done to our bodies over time by eating low nutrition foods that do not support the internal structure of the body. This creates issues with slow metabolisms, disease and weakened immune systems. We then compound the situation by treating the symptoms with medications rather than correcting the true issue by improving the nutritional value of our foods and detoxifying the body to eliminate what is causing the body to be in this condition to begin with.

The fact is, our bodies do not run optimally because the foods we are taught to eat in modern society are lacking in the nutritional value needed to allow the body to stay in a naturally healthy state.

As you will see below, we are already fighting a losing battle to get the most optimum nutrition possible just by the laws of nature.

fruitjuice2Fact #1

Food with the highest nutritional value will always come fresh picked from nature. The longer food sits before it is eaten the less nutritional value it will have. The reason for this is because the nutrition we are seeking comes from the actual LIFE FORCE of the foods we are eating. Once something is picked from the vine, the life giving connection is severed and the foods begin to wither and die.

Fact #2

The higher the temperature you use to prepare your food the lower the nutritional value it will have. When we add in Fact #1 and then compound the issue by killing the food even faster through heating it up we are left with food that is completely depleted of nutritional value.
Our bodies are amazing temples that will do the best they can to extract the nutrition from what we put into them. They will attempt to run on anything we give them. Unfortunately, most of what we put in them has no nutritional value and will be stored and accumulate in the body as toxins and waste products which create the symptoms of what we call disease.

So to help remedy this we need to do two things

1) Find ways to get the most live nutrition possible in the most concentrated form. The best solution I have found to do this is by the use of raw juicing. This is the only means that extracts live foods and concentrates them into a quick and easy to drink remedy to this dilemma. As an example, you can typically turn several oranges, some celery and apples into a liter of raw juice and enjoy it much quicker than it would take you to actually eat all of that food and that juice would contain all the nutritional value.

2) Find ways to eliminate the toxic waste already built up within the body. The best solution I have found to do this is by drinking large quantities (up to a gallon per day) of distilled water. Distilled water is how nature cleans and purifies. In an ideal situation (if not for man made airborne pollutants) rain would be distilled water and contain absolutely nothing in it or zero parts per million on a TDS (total dissolved solids) water meter.

dropletIn fact, if you were to measure typical rain water using one of these meters it would actually read much higher than zero because the rain is removing the airborne contaminants from the atmosphere like a magnet. This is what drinking distilled water will do to your body. It will act as a magnet to remove the contaminants within in you and allow your system to begin to run more optimally.

When you combine these two methods your body will immediately begin to become well again and you will notice a big difference in your energy levels and emotional mood swings. Your chronic disease/illness symptoms will eventually recede and fall away and leave you feeling youthful and alive again.