brain1First off I want to clearly define how I use the the word “Mind”. The mind is the intuitive aspect of our being and not to be confused with our “Brain” which records the journey we call life through our sensory channels. In fact, I believe the mind is an aspect of ourselves that does not lie within the body.

The mind is the true self and is eternal and for this reason is free from fears, doubts and restrictions. I believe ALL of our limiting beliefs are rooted in the brain by what we were taught to believe through our sensory experiences and how we were told to behave in this world.

When any life form is restricted by pre-designed structures they will conform to the mold or pattern of that structure and that is how beliefs can limit us and create dis-ease. I hyphenate the word for a reason …. “dis” meaning no, not (any negative connotation) and “ease” meaning our natural state or grace. So to me, a disease is an idea or state of awareness that puts the body ill at ease and out of it’s natural regenerative state. The body will do what it does best which is to regenerate but what it creates will be a distortion of it’s natural state. Then we give these distorted states names like Cancer or Alzheimer’s or Arthritis or Crohn’s … you get the idea.

It would take years to undo the programming of the brain to get our thoughts to the level that we can begin to heal the body. A simpler way to bypass the brain is to focus on the heart by putting our attention in our chest at the heart level with slow controlled breathing. If we take our focus which is usually in the brain area and drop it down to the heart area this would quiet the thought process (brain chatter) as we breathe in and out of the heart area.

As we do this we become more relaxed and move into what is called Coherence.

The Mind operates as a complete knowing or awareness that is not limited to the sensory channels of the body and includes heart felt intuition. There have been several studies put out by The HeartMath Institute that give evidence to the fact that the heart is the primary guidance system of the body and when we are in optimum “heart coherency” our bodies heal and regenerate at maximum levels.


“Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation. It is a state that builds resiliency – personal energy is accumulated, not wasted – leaving more energy to manifest intentions and harmonious outcomes.” ~ HeartMath Research Director Dr. Rollin McCraty

So if we follow this method of training by the use of heart breathing and other techniques like meditation we can quiet the “brain” and connect with our “mind” which will allow us to feel more positive emotions and cause the body to completely regenerate itself.

Again, I feel that this is the most important aspect of learning how to heal the body and once we begin to practice and apply this the body will move in the direction of positive regeneration. One thing that most people lose sight of is that our thoughts and emotions direct the body to create and what the body creates is determined by whether those thoughts/emotions are positive (life giving) or negative (life taking).


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