Our magnificent bodies were created to heal themselves automatically and without effort. They are in a constant mode of regeneration as that is it’s natural state and the natural state of everything in our universe. There are two main reasons that would block or severely limit the body from doing this regeneration on it’s own.

The first one is our thoughts and what we believe to be true about ourselves due to our programming (what we were taught or led to believe). What we think and how we use our mind is probably the single most important factor in whether our body regenerates itself in a positive way (healing) or whether it regenerates in a negative way (creates dis-eases, cancers, tumors, heart ailments, etc.,).

The second one is how we treat our bodies. Our body is the vehicle or temple of our existence and if we treat it well by giving it fully nutritious foods/fuels and enough exercise and rest it will respond my regenerating itself in a positive way free from disease. If we give it poor fuel (nutrition poor foods) and are sedentary and/or not allow it to recover through adequate rest it will deteriorate into degenerative diseases rather than heal.

The Choice IS Always Ours!

In the next post I will talk about how our mind effects regeneration of the body and ways to ensure that we use it to work for us rather than against us ….. click here to read “Minding Your Thoughts”